Prairie Research Institute’s Lightning Symposium

Here is a creative way to present research. Give 35 scientists from the 5 Illinois State Scientific Surveys 5 minutes to present 20 slides with only 15 seconds per slide. That is what the Prairie Research Institute’s Lightning Symposium is all about. Add a poster session and you have a diverse representation of work demonstrating innovative scientific resources throughout the State of Illinois.

ISTC staff presented the following lightning talks and posters:



  • Biochar as promising energy and environmental materials. By Junhua Jiang
  • Compositional analysis of biomass to aid agricultural, bio‐processing, and end use decisions. By John Scott, Nandakishore Rajagopalan, Susan Barta, and Gerald Bargren
  • Energy and Water Savings with Heat Pump Application in an Industrial Cooling System. By Xinli Lu and Todd Rusk
  • Fate and Transport of Steroid Hormones and Veterinary Antibiotics Derived from Cattle Farms. By Wei Zheng
  • Illinois Conservation of Resources and Energy. By Dan Marsch and Joe Pickowitz
  • ISTC Sponsored Research Program. By Nancy Holm and Elizabeth Luber
  • Monitoring Contaminants in Humboldt Penguins. By John Scott
  • On the road towards Zero Waste. By Seth Rients and Shantanu Pai
  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products in karst groundwater in Southwestern Illinois? A 4‐survey collaboration study. By Wei Zheng
  • Prairie Research Institute Science Camp. Elizabeth Luber, Nancy Holm, and Kirsten Walker
  • Quantitative Headspace Analysis of a Dried Fermentation Co‐Product (DFC) from a Bio‐Butanol Process. By John Scott
  • Real‐time and on‐site electrochemical sensing. By Junhua Jiang and Nancy Holm
  • Sustainability Film Festival: An Earth Week engagement event. By Joy Scrogum
  • The Governor's Sustainability Award: advancing sustainability in the state and beyond. By John Mulrow, Deb Jacobson, and Irene Zlevor, office administrator
  • Waste to Oil. By BK Sharma